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"I love my new smile , I just stop smiling . Thank you" - Kara

"3 months with 6 month braces and tooth whitening totally transformed my smile" - Paul

"Six Month Braces had my teeth straight in 12 weeks !!" - Kathleen

' The care at aqua dental spa was excellent . Thak you for my new smile" - Inta

" Straight white natural teeth in 12 weeks- I am so amazed" - Jonathan

" Straight teeth in just 16 weeks- love it !! "Gerrard

"Six Month Braces is so quick my teeth were straight in 12 weeks" Kathy

"I could not believe my teeth were straightened painlessly in just 9 weeks using Six Month Braces with the Acceledent product" Julia

"My smile was fixed using six month braces by the expert" Rob

"thank you for a great result" Katie

"My teeth straightened up so quickly" Kam

"Very impressed by the whole process" Charlie

"I had my teeth straightened naturally in a few months using Six Month Braces" Zara

"Before I knew it my teeth were straight" Claire

"I am so happy" Jenny

"Love the result" Dionne

"I am so happy with my smile" Duleva


"I am so happy my perfect smile in just a 3 months"

"I am so happy the Six Month Braces System was great" - Manisha

"so much difference in my smile in just 5 months" - Dave

"I am going to keep smiling all day long" - Chanel

"Amazingly quick" - Carrie (7 months)

"6 months with upper braces - Seema"

"Perfect teeth for my wedding day" 6 months Rosie

"4 months and perfect" Pamela

'4 months and a great result ' ruby

"worth every penny" - Erika 4 months

"Awesome result"- Dean

" I would not go to any other dentist they are the best"- Heidi 4 months

" 7 months and a great result"- Ridhi

'Great improvement in only 5 months' - claire

"Fast and effective treatment
in 12 weeks" – Lyndsey

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